15 tips to know about travelling alone in the USA

Travelling alone to the USA?

Yes, why not? Loving to travel alone since 2010, this time I wanted to find an “easy” place to move around, not too isolated (because I didn’t want to lounge in a chaise longue!) and lively enough to recharge my batteries!

So, no desert island, no hiking, no yoga or Thalasso stay but rather in Roots mode, so take my eyes off me for almost 3 weeks! The immense Californian territory, with its almost annual sunshine and so many beautiful things to see! It was my first trip alone on the West Coast.

Okay, there are no museums or historical monuments, but you know what? That’s good because I don’t need it this time!

I would go back there one day to visit the national parks (Zion, Bryce, etc.), it’s been a long time since it’s on my WishList. The great thing about the US is that everything is huge.JI love this notion of immensity as far as the eye can see.… we look far away and we don’t see the end, everything is wide (the roads too!) and we have space! the USA is easy, even in solo mode!

15 things to do when travelling alone in the USA

1) Don’t forget to do your ESTA online before departure (tax) – make a copy and put it in your toilet bag

2) don’t forget to stay ZEN when you arrive at customs, because like me maybe you will be entitled to a double check of my passport! It just looks pretty freaky because the customs officers, unlike some countries, don’t smile at all but then not at all and when you land in San Francisco after 11 hours of flight and are told to wait, you wait, in peace. A security guy came to get me, OK, I followed him into a separate room. And then I waited, among other passengers who were a little lost. And you’re trying to stay Zen. After 45 minutes, they said to me, “Okay, thanks, Mdam!” That’s it, it’s the USA, they take 1-4 people per flight arrival and do a second check. OK, well, welcome to the USA!

3) Book your shuttle in advance, for example to go from the airport to the city centre (San Francisco). Super Shuttle for example. It is very convenient and cheaper than a taxi. The advantage is that it will drop you off at the address you want. Reservations must be made in advance on their website. Disadvantage? It often takes several stops to drop people off before they stop. 7 stops maximum because 7 people! It doesn’t bother me! Immersion in the city is done quietly and less stressfully than on a crowded bus.

4) Book your guest room with Airbnb, in the USA, it’s easy and super fun! I slept in 3 different places during my 12 days in San Francisco! Little Italy, Marina and downtown! It was cool (not necessarily to redo my bag every time but good!). At least I really felt like LIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO.

5) don’t hesitate to go anywhere! Put on good sneakers and go!

6) take the bus: in San Francisco, they work very well and take you everywhere for $2

7) take a tour in the Hop-on/Hop-off bus, these red double-decker buses if you have little time or pain in your feet! They take you everywhere! Count $30 for the day.

8) still in San Francisco, go see the west, its coast and its beautiful beach! Ocean Beach! Yes, there’s a beach in San Francisco and it’s beautiful.

9) Book your flight tickets with Southwest Airways, they are really cheap. You may also consider taking off from San Francisco’s second airport and not the main one. It is Oakland Airport and is located 30 minutes by car from downtown. The advantage? There are far fewer people, customs facilities (it goes a little faster!) and few waiting times for check-in. The low-cost airline Spirit Airlines, for example, offers flight tickets to Vegas at $80!£

10) On Southwest Airways (between Las Vegas and San Diego), the cabin crew is completely crazy! Sometimes they sing or do non-standard protocols and everyone laughs (if you understand English!). I remember the:

11) In Las Vegas, line up to book a bus transfer to your hotel or go in a limousine!

12) go see a show of theCirque du soleil,it’s just magical! It was my dream! As soon as I arrived at the hotel, I went to see Zarkana at the Aria Resort Hotel & Casino. An unforgettable evening with my popcorn!

13) In San Diego, I went to see (with regret) the Zoo (supposedly fabulous!). Even if I’m not into “animals deprived of their freedom”, it’s true that I love animals, but here I saw a kind of sadness in their eyes. And I regretted it. So, for those who have children, certainly, it may be the only valid excuse to go there, there are PASS on the Internet with, for example, 3 parks to visit in several days. For my part, I had made a combination between ZOO, SEAWORLD & UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (California).

14) in San Diego, make a mandatory detour to Little Italy and go to Pacific Beach! The pictures below will give you an idea of what it is! Great! Surf & Sea atmosphere. 15) Feel
free to

rent a car, even if you are alone like me. I enjoyed it! Not at first (because I was a little afraid to drive there), but then I lived almost American-style! And I loved it. An automatic model, a big sedan (Toyota) and let’s go for the adventure. I rented a car from HERTZ to go to Pacific Beach (GPS required) and then back to Santa Monica (near Los Angeles). Plan your itinerary in advance, quietly and take the time margin. You’re on vacation, don’t stress. Sometimes, like me, you may miss a motorway exit, but it doesn’t matter, you will learn to take the time…

– use the services ofUBER(private taxi) – it is much cheaper, faster and more fun than an ordinary taxi.

– in Los Angeles, go sleep on the Santa Monica side instead, it’s much safer and prettier than Hollywood…..